Frozen Synapse: Tactics - PS3, PS Vita



Frozen Synapse: Tactics is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Double Eleven a reimagined version designed specifically for consoles, based on Mode 7 Games original title, in which players plan their moves at their leisure and turns are resolved simultaneously. Players attempt to win by giving orders to a small squad of armed combatants, most commonly with the goal of eliminating all enemy units.

The game has online multiplayer, a single-player campaign, and a skirmish mode. It is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, in which the player assumes the role of tactical commander assisting a resistance faction in a struggle against a corporate government regime which has used its power to manipulate the populace, or is pitted against other commanders (human or AI) in a skirmish or multiplayer setting.


I was tasked with implementing the network platform support inside the game engine for both Sony PS3 and Vita. This included writing Asynchronous API for both Friends, Messaging and other networking systems. I also implemented a number of game play features as well as a data driven metrics system used for player statistics, tracking and achievements. Other responsibilities included bug fixing and boot time optimisations.

Technologies used:

C++, Python, Lua, Torque, Sony PS3/Cell SDK, Sony Vita SDK