A quadcopter is loosely based on a helicopter design but has 4 rotors, which it uses to control its motion instead of the traditional main and tail rotor setup. There are many projects online, which are creating software to autonomously pilot the craft. Most of this code is being written for the open source Arduino platform but in my view, this presents several limitations. Two of these are the processing speed of the Arduino and the added complexity caused by having to manually communicate with individual components such as the GPS over the IO ports on the board.

My development aims to shift the main processing and control from the Arduino board over to an on board iPhone, freeing the Arduino to focus on motor control. This allows the software to take advantage of all the built-in components of the iPhone, enabling other components to be bolted on to the Arduino, which remains accessible from the iOS software over the 30pin connector.

Technologies used:

C++, Objective-C, Arduino, iOS


Images provided are for illustration purposes only: